St. Louis Metal Recycling
We will turn your stuff into cash
Our Services
As metal recycling in St. Louis MO has become more popular, many people have visited us on a regular basis.
Our Services
St. Louis Metal and Recycling is your top-notch buyer of junk appliance and scrap goods!
 St. Louis Metal & Recycling Company purchases ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal of all grades from manufacturers, demolition contractors, and individuals. We offer computerized scale transactions to provide you with accurate weight readouts and fast transaction payments.
Here are the reasons why you should trade with us:
  1. Got any scrap?
    - Top price for your scrap: Do you want to gain the best rates for your scrap metal? Take your junk metals to our place and we'll give you satisfying prices.
  2. Fair Policy
    - Due to our fair policy system, we've earned the respect of locals and customers. We believe in total fairness - from weighing scrap metal to paying the exact amounts.
  3. Abides city Ordinance
    -We abide by city ordinance laid out by officials. As part of our professionalism, we respect the laws and policies of the city. This contributed to the success of our business.
  4. Accommodating staff
    - Everyone in the St. Louis Metal and Recycling are trained in accommodating the needs of clients. If you have concerns, we will handle them swiftly.
  5. Quick and detailed response
    - Once you reach us through phone or email, we will attend to you immediately. On-site, our staff will also process your scrap metals, weigh them, and deliver your payment immediately.
  6. Earth-friendliness
    - Our business operation abides by environmental policies. We don't damage the environment in any way. We also encourage people to recycle metals instead of throwing them away.
  7. Promos
    - In order to serve customers better, we've launched numerous promos. Right now, our promo is an extra $50 payment for 3000 lbs. of scrap metals. If you have many scrap components in your home or garage, take them to our place and get paid!