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About Us
Welcome to St. Louis Metal and Recycling - Where we pay top dollar for your junk!
2nd Generation in the Industry
Is your home filled with tons of scrap metal and junk? Do you want to get rid of these scrap metals and earn money at the same time?
In that case, you should visit St. Louis Metal and Recycling shop. Since 2000, we've been trading with scrap metal in St. Louis, and we paid hundreds of customers. St. Louis customers have chosen our family owned shop because of our fair pricing scheme. While other shops have almost unacceptable rates, we offer exceptional prices on a pound-per-pound basis. We currently trade with individuals and business owners with bulk supplies of scrap metal.

Here at St. Louis Metal and Recycling shop, we trade in a wide range of scrap metal choices. You can visit us and bring aluminum cans from sodas, preserved foods, coffees, and energy drinks. We also take in brass parts and components, so feel free to check your home or garage. Other stuff that we accept are aluminum sidings, rails, copper, and other components. If you're unsure, you can give us a call and we'll talk to you about the acceptable metal parts.

We also believe in the spirit of professionalism. St. Louis Metal and Recycling shop has professional-level standards. From weighing the metal scraps to actual payment, you'll be treated with total fairness. We're also ready to answer all of your questions about metal recycling, projected scrap metal rates, and our environment-friendly standards.

Do you want to recycle your scrap metal and get paid? Visit St. Louis Metal and Recycling today!